Teixits Emilia

Mattresses, covers & proctectors

Textiles Emilia has everything you need to outfit your bed. We have a select variety of mattresses from the most basic of docks or more special polyurethane (HR with memory or latex). We invite you approve by visiting us at our store in L'Estartit.

First, a spring mattress is good ergonomic support where the body rests firmly by clamping the spring block and padding. The foam mattress available in any size, density and thickness. Another option is the combination of HR (High Density Foam) with memory and great adaptability. Finally, the latex mattress made of 100% natural material with double cotton cover, fits perfectly in the rest areas of the body and is the ideal choice for articulated beds.

All fabrics used are mite. An essential companion to the life of a mattress is breathable protective sleeve cotton padded or from a waterproof fabric in any size.