Teixits Emilia

Sized curtains, confection and installation

Emilia is your specialist Textiles in shades. We have a wide collection of fabrics to meters: transparent curtains that filter the light, canvases, light blockout fabrics, waterproof fabrics ... and multiple displays of the leading textile manufacturers: JOVER, Aznar Textil, COMERSAN, Armura, DESIGNERS GUILD, ROMO, Yutes...

The making of a curtain has many possibilities:

  • If we speak of a window, we can choose a shade (folding or paquetto), a roller (technical curtain), a traditional curtain (right in the glass, for more rustic houses).
  • If you have to wear is a balconera more options: we can make with funcidoras tapes prepared with folds, with eyelets ... Always promptly let the guide bar type or chosen.

All arranged so that the customer can choose as you like with clothing you want without worrying about installation. This is our thing!

We have a team of professionals who analyze their windows and advise you in choosing the most appropriate option.