Teixits Emilia


Starting with mattresses offer from the most basic to other combinations of springs high foam and memory foam, so get extra comfort. In all, we do not forget the transport and removal of old mattress.

We recommend to keep the mattress in good condition, the mattress protector. These breathable fabrics, ie, to facilitate the passage of moisture and body heat do. The mattresses are supplied in steel structure and wooden slats, seeking maximum stability of the whole.

The sheets in hotels, are also very important, mainly because the client appreciates and values. Tissue Emilia is the main idea for either the basics or sheet, with higher quality. Moreover, we can make on customized sizes and required them to some element embroidery.

Currently Nordic gaining prominence in this field, always using tissue sheet. A key element is the filling Nordic anti allergic, breathable and washable. And finally, we propose a quilt, with a variety of prints to choose from and, as always, to the size you need. It is a supplement that enhances the room, providing an elegant finish and a casual tone.